Buckinghamshire County Council and Scarborough Council have been nominated for their excellent digital transformation work supported by the Firmstep Platform.

Buckinghamshire has been shortlisted for ‘Best Use of E-Forms’ having created the first QR Code Waste Permit process, overhauling a previously cumbersome and admin heavy method. The council opted to fully digitise the process, removing any paper-based methods and ensuring everything is available immediately.

With their new method, Buckinghamshire citizens can purchase their Waste Permit online. They are sent a QR code that contains all details of their Permit. When at the waste site, staff can scan the citizen’s QR code, giving them immediate access to the permit information. If the permit has run out, citizens can immediately update this using their mobile device, and then use the same QR code again.

By digitising this process, Buckinghamshire has removed printing and postage costs needed to send out permits by paper. This has also removed any customer waiting time for the permit. Staff at the waste site no longer spend time searching for permit validity and permits can be renewed instantaneously, rather than having to return to the council and wait for a new one to be posted out.

Scarborough Council has been shortlisted for the “Most Flexible Digital Platform” for their work with the White Rose Home Improvement Agency. Using the Firmstep Customer Experience Platform, they have created a new digital model for delivering housing aids, adaptations, and other supporting services.

The new model has accelerated delivery time for essential aids and adaptations, coordinating with a wellbeing service that provides access to social care and support services, whilst reducing cost pressures on health and social care budgets. The new shared digital workspace acts as an enabler for further collaboration that will help to tackle complex issues facing some of their most vulnerable residents. 

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