With digital transformation high on the Irish local government agenda, Cork County Council has selected Firmstep to digitise their services and save money.

The project includes using the Firmstep Platform to improve citizen self-service, mobilise their workforce, and create a new corporate website.

The Firmstep Platform is built specifically for Local Government as an alternate to CRM. It creates seamless, intuitive public services that drive channel shift and deliver easier, better, faster customer services. This solution supports the traditional access channels of face-to-face and telephone contact, and in addition embraces web self-service, mobile and social media interactions. It supports an unlimited range of online transactions, with out-of-the box support and the ability for you to easily create your own. Transactions can range from simple enquiries to full end-to-end workflows that involve multiple stages and advanced integrations with back office systems; flexibility is at the heart of the platform.


Cork County Council has held a webinar based on their digital transformation journey with Firmstep. In this webinar, Julianne Coughlan at Cork discussed:

  • phased delivery of online services
  • timescale
  • implementation
  • achievements
  • lessons learned
  • continual development

To view this webinar, please email info@firmstep.com.

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