Offline is the easier, faster, better way to work remotely.

With this unique solution, staff in the field can create, access or update forms and tasks on their mobile devices as if they were in the office. They don’t even need to be online as changes are saved then automatically synchronised with the Platform once a connection becomes available.

Over 130 UK councils rely on our Platform!

Firmstep is a leader in helping local government to build and deliver better services.


Offline makes you:

Efficient – costly delays are avoided as staff can make changes or access information quickly wherever they are.

Connected – it fully incorporates our solutions - Self, Service and Forms – giving you remote access to your entire Platform.

Productive – staff don’t require internet access to undertake tasks. Offline simply synchronises with your Platform the next time you’re online.

Offline in action

Scarborough Borough Council used Offline to transform the way its field staff work. Previously staff needed to be in the office in order to access, create or update tasks and forms. This meant that field staff had to travel between locations reducing the number of effective working hours and incurring extra costs. With Offline, council staff can now undertake most of their administrative tasks using their mobile devices even if they don’t have internet access. They can spend more time attending to customers whilst saving taxpayers’ money.

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