Local Government

For over 15 years, Firmstep has been transforming Local Government service delivery using channel shift to make customer service easier, faster and better whilst delivering significant cost savings.

The cloud-based Customer Experience Platform creates a single, centralised interface through which all customer interactions, online and off-line, can be managed. Over 130 local authorities are already using the Platform because it offers them:

  • A system designed for, and by Local Government that requires no specialist coding skills, is quick to implement and has no upfront investment costs.
  • A cost-effective way to accelerate channel shift and automate service delivery to ensure citizens receive consistently excellent customer service.
  • Significant efficiency savings by eliminating service silos and data-duplication.
  • An easy way to engage citizens with information relevant to them and receive feedback.
  • Complete scalability with solutions that can be used individually or in combination.

One council replaces their traditional CRM system with the Firmstep Customer Experience Platform every three weeks

  • There are 250,000 UK citizens with a Firmstep self-service account

  • Over 130 UK councils use Firmstep

  • 5 million forms were submitted through the Firmstep Platform last year

  • 59% of this was through online self-service and 41% through mediated channels


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